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Spiritual Life Offerings

SpiriTrust Lutheran®, The Village at Utz Terrace offers many spiritual opportunities for residents.

Ongoing programs include:

Rosary Prayer Group
The Rosary Prayer Group prays together every Wednesday and Friday in the Meditation Room located in the Personal Care Residence. Volunteers from local Catholic parishes lead this group in responsive prayer.

Catholic Mass
The Village is located within the parish boundary of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. Priests from this parish offer Catholic Mass the fourth Monday of each month in our worship space. This parish also provides Eucharistic ministers to bring Holy Communion to Catholic residents each Sunday morning.

Ecumenical Worship Service
The ecumenical worship service includes hymns, Scriptural readings, a homily or message, prayer and creed. This service is held every Wednesday at 2 p.m. in our worship space. This ministry of area clergy is coordinated by the chaplain with area clergy sharing the preaching and leadership rotation of this service.

Bible Study
The chaplain leads Bible Study each Monday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. The group chooses the topics, usually a book of the Bible, and together read and discuss the meaning and impact of the Scripture on our lives today.

Protestant Holy Communion Service
The Protestant Holy Communion Service is scheduled for 4 p.m. on alternating Sunday afternoons. This service is intended to supplement the Eucharistic Ministry volunteers from the area churches. The chaplain-led worship service includes hymns, Scripture, prayer, homily, sharing of the peace and the sacrament of Holy Communion.

Prayer Circle
Prayer circle is a time for residents to gather with the chaplain and pray together. Prayer concerns are identified by the group members. This group meets for 30 minutes twice a month in the Skilled Care Center activity room.

Bible Bingo
Bible Bingo, played in the Skilled Care Center and the Personal Care Residence activity rooms, is a trivia game that stirs up our memories of Sunday School Bible stories. The playing card has pictures of the Bible story in a Bingo card format. Instead of shouting “Bingo,” the winner shouts, “Alleluia.”  The chaplain is the caller during this game.

Prayers with Colors
Prayers with Colors is an opportunity to experience the relaxation of coloring, release your creativity and reflect on God’s Word using scripture-based adult coloring pages. The chaplain assists with this monthly activity in the Skilled Care Center activity room.

Faith Stretching
Faith Stretching consists of reciting familiar words of faith and incorporating movement routines with those words for 30 minutes. The Wellness Director and the chaplain lead the group in stretching the body, mind and spirit once a week.

Grace Upon Grace Bible Study
This Bible study, led by the chaplain, meets twice a month in the Personal Care Residence. Even though the scripture texts change each 45-minute session includes time for questions, discussion and prayer as God’s Holy Word is explored.

Support Group Information

Low Vision Support Group

Widow to Widower Support Group

Residential Living Activity Descriptions


Specialized Fitness Class “Circuit and Stretch”
Conducted by Group Fitness Instructor, Bonnie Steele at 10:30 a.m. in the Fitness Room, this fitness class concentrates on aerobic conditioning, strength training and flexibility. 

Residents enjoy an afternoon of ten-pin bowling at a minimal cost at South Hanover Lanes at 1 p.m.

Wii Sports
Residents compete against each other on various Wii games included with the Wii Sports edition at 3:30 p.m. in the Activity Room.


Chair Aerobics
This is a low impact fitness class done in a sitting position conducted by Group Fitness Instructor Bonnie Steele at 11 a.m. in the Fitness Room. 

Horseshoe Games
Games are held in the rear of the apartment complex during the summer at 2 p.m. Both iron and rubber horseshoes are available.

High/Low games are played as teams and individually in the Great Room at 3 p.m.

500 Card Club
500 Card Club meets at 6:30 p.m. in the Activity Room.


Skip-Bo is a deceptively simple but endlessly entertaining classic card game for 2 to 6 players.  It is held in the Activity Room at 10 a.m.

Moving with Music
Conducted by Group Fitness Instructor, Bonnie Steele at 10:30 a.m. in the Fitness Room, this fitness class has the group moving to a variety of music as they dance their way to good health.

Corn Hole
This game is played played at 3:30 p.m. in the Activity Room lobby area in teams of two. The object of the game is to see if participants can toss their corn bags into a hole on a board or closer to the hole than their opponents.


Chair Aerobics
Conducted by Group Fitness Instructor, Bonnie Steele at 9 a.m. in the Fitness Room, this is a low impact fitness class that is done in a sitting position.

Hand & Foot Card Game
This easy to learn card game is played in pairs at 10:00 a.m. in the Private Dining Room.

Ten-pin bowling is enjoyed at a minimal cost at the North Hanover Bowling Lanes at 1 p.m.

A shopping run at 1:30 p.m. provides residents the option to be driven to the local stores for shopping and/or groceries.


Yoga Classes
Conducted by Group Fitness Instructor, Bonnie Steele at 10 a.m. in the Fitness Room, residents learn to relax and stretch out their tension during this weekly class.

It is played just like doubles tennis except with a larger sponge tennis ball and a shorter inside court in the Fitness Room at 11 p.m.

Mexican Train Dominoes
Held at 1 p.m. in the Activity Room, this game of dominoes has players using strategy as they just to get rid of their dominoes and prevent their opponents from doing the same.

Wii Bowling
Participants play against each other in Wii Bowling at 3:30 p.m. in the Activity Room.

Monthly Activities

The Village Stitchers
This sewing group meets on the first Monday of the month at 9 a.m.  The ladies who love to sew gather to work on projects for both the community and outside of the community.  Mission projects such as quilts, laprobes, baby blankets, etc. are made.

ARISE Social
This is held at 10 a.m. in the Apartment Lobby on the first Tuesday of the month. Residents enjoy pastries and coffee as they catch up with their neighbors at this informal monthly gathering.

To the Movies
This is offered every firstTuesday of the month. Transportation to the local movie theatre is provided for a featured movie.

Massages are offered by Certified Massage Therapist, Ryan Rhodes, on the first Thursday of the month, 10 a.m.-Noon in the Activity Room. A reduced rate is charged for either a chair or body massage.

Women’s Birthday Luncheon
This is held at 12:30 p.m. on the first Friday of the month. All the ladies of the community enjoy a luncheon as we celebrate the ladies’ birthdays for that month.

Book Club
Avid readers come together to discuss their current reads the second Monday of the month at 10 a.m.

Held the second Tuesday of the month at 2 p.m., Bingo is themed with prizes for your home.

Diner’s Caravan
This is usually held the second Tuesday of the month. Each month the bus takes residents to a different mid to up-scale restaurant for a special evening dine out.

“Clicking Needles”
This knitting & crocheting group meets at 2 p.m. on the second Monday, every other month. Projects such as comfort shawls, laprobes, scarves for our soldiers and more have been made for local agencies.

Village Voices
This resident run choral group meets the second and fourthMondays of the month at 6:30 p.m. to rehearse. The Village Voices provides music for some of the special occasions and services held at the village.

Men’s Bible Study
Men’s Bible Study is held every second and fourth Thursday at 1:30 p.m. This resident run study provides the men a time for discussion and support.

TLC Lunch
Held every third Monday of the moth at 11:30 a.m., this educational luncheon is followed by a guest speaker. Topics have included historical moments, financial information, musical presentations, living healthy, etc.

Crafty Ladies
This Craft group, meets on the third Monday of the month at approximately 2 p.m. Various craft items are taught and created.

Wii Bowling Tournaments
These tournaments are held on the third Friday of each month. The Wii Bowlers either host or travel to their opponents as part of the SpiriTrust Lutheran® league for tournament play.

Wine & Cheese Social
This social is held every fourth Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. Special music is provided along with wine and cheese at this informal social time prior to the evening meal.

Juliet’s Events and Trips
Women’s events and trips are offered on a monthly basis. Events are decided by the residents and have included fashion shows, Mother/Daughter Tea luncheons and ladies trips to tearooms, shopping, gardens, plays, etc.

Romeo’s Events and Trips
Men’s events and trips are offered on a monthly basis. Events are decided by the residents and have included men’s speakers, eat outs and trips to such places as federal and local museums, baseball games, etc.

Note: Day and times can vary according to the needs of the monthly schedule.

Seasonal Activities

Classes are held periodically that cover art, computer, spiritual, AARP Driver Courses and other topics of interest.

Historical and Show Trips
Conducted approximately two or three times a month, the trips are decided by a resident committee. Bus trips have been taken to Baltimore, Washington DC, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Gettysburg, Hagerstown, Frederick, the Eastern Shore and many, many more places of interest. 

Ice cream socials, holiday dinners, musical performers, themed socials and entertainers are scheduled periodically.

Personal Care Activity Descriptions

Baking Corner
The baking corner activity gives residents the opportunity to bake yummy recipes with the assistance of our activity staff.

Bible Bits
Bible bits are Bible and spiritually based learning and fun activities led by the chaplain.

Card & Board Games
Residents are welcome to gather to play a wide array of card and board games led by residents and/or volunteers.

Catholic Rosary, Communion and Mass
These are activities designed to meet the spiritual wellness of Catholic residents within our community. Communion and rosary are led by Catholic volunteers. Priests from St. Joseph Catholic Church in Hanover provide Catholic Mass.

Christmas for the Birds
After devotions and while bird songs are playing, the residents and Chaplain make ornaments out of birdseed to hang outdoors on the trees and bushes.

Ecumenical Worship Service
This worship service is inclusive of all faith denominations and is led by our chaplain and/or local guest ministers from the Hanover area.

Hymn Sing
Hymn sing may be conducted by volunteers or staff. The program may feature live music around the piano, CD music or music videos on the television.

Intergenerational Visits
Visits and programs are set up with local children and teen groups to provide visits/activities in a group setting.

Kitchen Corner
Residents have the opportunity to make and create food dishes in our activity room with the assistance of our activity staff.

This is a volunteer led certificated pet therapy group that provides canine visits within our community.

Ladies Coffee & Chat Group
This group is designed for our female residents to gather, reminisce and discuss a wide array of topics. This group is led by a volunteer.

Listening Music
Different musicians and singers are selected for residents to enjoy their musical talents on CD in the quiet setting of our Living Room.

Residents are given the opportunity to receive a manicure from our nursing and volunteer staff on a three week cycled schedule.

Men’s Discussion Group
This group is designed for our male residents to gather, reminisce, and discuss a wide array of topics. The group is led by a volunteer.

Morning Prayers
Prayers are led by our chaplain for the opportunity of our residents to prayer for world, nation, state, family, and neighbor blessings and concerns.

Movie Night
Current and old movies are shown on the large screen television in the living room.

Never Too Late
It’s an innovative touchscreen computer system programmed for activities, games, brain fitness, reminiscing, music, travel, therapy, and so much more.

Old Time Radio Shows
The old time radio classic shows such as; Abbott & Costello, Ozzie & Harriet, Dragnet, and The Lone Ranger are played on the CD player for residents to enjoy.

Prayer Walkers
Our walking participants’ starts with a prayer led by our chaplain and then pursue an outside walk, weather permitting.

Precious Paws
Precious Paws is a volunteer led certificated pet therapy group that provides quality canine visits within our community.

Resident Bingo
Resident Bingo is operated by the residents themselves.  It includes setting up and calling bingo.

Resident Council
Resident Council is a forum for residents to receive the latest news within our community from the management staff and also discuss any concerns that residents have.

Transportation is provided to the local Wal-Mart for residents that are independent in shopping /care needs. Residents that need assistance in shopping may request scheduled assistance with the activity department staff.

Monthly socials are featured during the month to create seasonal gatherings among the residents.

Spa Day
This time features many sensory activities such as; visual sensory videos, heated neck massages, hand massages, aromatherapy and foot soaks and massages.

Table Games
The activity features many different cognitive and fun games such as; USA Geography, President Jingo, Dice Bingo, Math & Riddle Bingo and Food Jingo.

Wellness Talk
Health and Wellness discussion with a wide array of topics is led by the SpiriTrust Lutheran® Home Care & Hospice organization.

Wii Bowling
This fun and interactive game is offered through the Wii Game System. Join other residents as they master the spares and strikes!

Word Games
Word game activities such as Jeopardy, Team Trivia Challenge, Hangman, Group Crossword Puzzles, Spill & Spell and many more games from the Never Too Late computer system are played.

Skilled Care Activity Descriptions

1:1 Visits
Activity staff and volunteers visit with residents individually for enjoyable conversation and company.

Afternoon Movie
Movies of the residents’ choice are played at the Nurses Station.

Afternoon Stroll
This is a 1:1 activity with residents who want to visit different areas of the building or take a leisurely walk outside.

Around the Campfire
Activity staff and Nancy lead a sing-a-long around a “campfire.” It is accompanied by a religious message.

Balloon Toss
This is a physical activity designed to keep the residents active.

Residents have the opportunity to play to win bingo dollars in the Skilled Care Activity Room.

Bingo Yard Sale
Residents can spend their bingo money on prizes.

Catholic Communion Visitors
Volunteers from the Catholic Church visit residents’ rooms to give communion to those who desire it.

Christmas for the Birds
After devotions and while bird songs are playing, the residents and Chaplain make ornaments out of birdseed to hang outdoors on the trees and bushes.

Coffee Clatch
Residents get together to socialize and enjoy coffee, tea and baked treats.

Cooking with Holly
This is a baking activity with a volunteer, followed by delivery to residents in their rooms.

Countryside Ride
Residents may take a van trip to a destination of their choosing.

Crafts of Faith
Activity staff and Chaplain Nancy combine to help residents complete a craft related to aspects of their faith.

Crafts with Karen
Activity staff leads/aids residents in the completion of a craft.

Dine Out
This is a small group trip to Overlook Terrace Restaurant for great food and conversation.

Fun in the Sun (CY)
Residents join activity staff outside on the porch for singing, conversation or special treats.

Game Time
Activity staff play board or card games with the residents.

Hank and Darlene Sing-a-Long
This is a monthly volunteer program where residents can request songs of their choice.

Hanover Mennonite Youth Choir (PC)
A local group of Mennonite young adults perform hymns for the residents.

Jessica and Friends
This is a volunteer group that brings arranged flowers and interacts with the residents.

Dogs visit the residents to entertain them and give them lots of love.

Little People Day Care
Residents visit and participate in activities with a local day care group consisting of 1st – 5th graders.

Lunch at the Café
This is a small group trip to the café for a special lunch.

Music and Massage (NS)
Activity staff/volunteers play relaxing music and give shoulder massages to residents.

Music Presented by Donald and Marlene
This is a volunteer music program that incorporates a sing-a-long, music performances and exercise.

Music with Dan Martin
This is a special musical performance presented by Dan Martin.

Never Too Late
This is an interactive computer system with games, movies, music and other activities specifically designed for the residents.

Pet Visitation
Therapy dogs visit with residents on Wednesdays.

Prayer Circle
Chaplain Nancy runs a small group activity talking about faith and other resident concerns/ thoughts.

Snacks and drinks of the residents’ choice are provided.

Rosary (PC)
Group Rosary is held in Personal Care.

Sensory Stimulation Cart
Activity staff brings around supplies designed to stimulate the senses.